About Us





My name is Asha. I am a mother of 2 kids, KaMiya and Kayden, I am the owner of The PFN Factory. The PFN Factory was started in 2019 because store bought products didn't work for my face as a teenager, no matter what I used it was still dry and patchy.

I spent years researching natural ingredients and the benefits they had on my skin type, I didn't begin trying things out until 2017. When I finally created a face wash that worked for me my confidence immediately shot through the roof. I began selling to close family and friends for a little over a year in 2018, and now it is time to branch out and help other pretty faces boost their confidence again too.

My main goal of opening The PFN Factory is to help families take care of their faces and bodies with my products. I want everyone to feel the confidence I feel after doing my skin care routine.